During the event

Your moment of glory is here

But all of a sudden a speaker cancels, a session is moved to a different room or something else unforeseen happens. This is where Eventbuizz proves itself as an agile tool, allowing you to send out push notifications appearing as text messages or emails to make sure everybody is immediately informed. In individual notifications or as blanket alerts. Scheduled for specific times or sent instantly. The Event Centre lets you easily manage several event tracks simultaneously.

Instead of having a heavily staffed information booth, create a virtual one. Eventbuizz Infobooth lets you share all practical information – from maps to weather forecasts to dinner seating plans. You can also create meeting points for match making, enabling attendees that have connected through profile searches in the app, to meet each other face to face.

Eventbuizz facilitates dialogue

If a speaker wants to ask the audience what they think about a certain topic, an instant poll will appear on their phones or tablets, and real time polling results will be projected on a screen visible to all. Results can be exported and sent to all attendees, speakers and sponsors afterwards.

When it comes to Q&A sessions, not everybody feels comfortable raising their hand in public. And not all questions should be asked publicly. With Eventbuizz, attendees type questions sent to a moderator who determines which questions to ask the speaker. Questions can be sent anonymously or with name and company info attached.

In-app chat between attendees allows attendees to connect directly. Speakers can be added to personalized schedules, promote their social media accounts, and share slides.

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How do attendees really feel?

Get their feedback by having them rate speakers or sessions on a scale from 1-5 through Eventbuizz. Their evaluations will be a powerful tool in planning future events.

Not all sessions will probably be of interest to all attendees. Eventbuizz makes it easy for users to cherry pick through a multi-track program running over several days to create their own conference agenda. You can include links to topic relevant groups on social media, ensuring that the community created through Eventbuizz is long lasting.

Our Event Centre lets you share all speaker slides and relevant program documents in a Dropbox like filesharing system. Users can access libraries and archives of material they find valuable. The user’s notes from sessions are automatically archived under each agenda item in their own ”Notes” folder and can be sent to their email.

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