ABOUT Mobile CRM – The game changer

You might already be a competent manager of customer relations. But how do you gain the competitive edge in challenging financial times? The answer is ABOUT Mobile CRM-app built on (se kommentar) such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Smartphones and tablets have become the salesman’s effective toolbox and co-player. In the past, many CRM projects have failed due to complex and cumbersome systems. In today’s world, all employees should have independent access to business critical systems. Top management, sales, marketing and customer service should all be closer and more integrated with the market and the customers.

ABOUT Mobile changes the CRM concept benefitting all stakeholders while adding new bonuses and dynamics. It’s manifested in improved customer experiences, higher level of service, better communication flow, fewer errors, better decisions and quicker deals. All created based on the mobile CRM platform offering easy access to the most critical information.

ABOUT Mobile CRM – customer relations reflected on your bottom line.

”From share of wallet to share of life” – The CRM handbooks provides inspiration when choosing the right CRM strategy and ensuring the optimal system supporting your choice.

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