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About Eventbuizz

  • Eventbuizz influences the future of meetings and conferences

  • Building your customized app and event site is a snap through the Event Centre

  • Eventbuizz handles the sign-up process

  • Allows you to make last minute changes

  • Create push notifications on the fly and get attention around new activities

  • A unique networking tool and a green cost saver

  • Facilitates Q&A sessions and in-app chat

  • Adaptable for all smartphones and tablets

What our clients say about us:

“We decided to try Eventbuizz with only one week to go”

With only one week before a major conference with 1000 delegates we decided to try the new Eventbuizz app. Thanks to the intuitive interface and the great support I managed to get more than 50 lectures and workshops sent out to participants with detailed descriptions of the speakers, sponsors, floor plans, competitions and more.

Even my special wishes to set-up were developed and implemented in no time. The Eventbuizz staff also participated on the conference day and helped to make things run smoothly.

The feedback from our participants has been very positive. Everyone agrees that Eventbuizz is very user-friendly and helps to promote IDA as a modern and professional conference organizer. Both because of the app and the exceptionally good service I give Eventbuizz my warmest recommendation.

Julie Maria CallesenDevelopment Consultant, The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.
“Eventbuizz is the most user friendly”

IDC Nordic recently took the opportunity to use Eventbuizz when organizing five events in the Nordic Region. IDC started using Eventbuizz only a week before the first event, but even then it was easy and intuitive to work with and everything went as a charm. It was really easy for attendees to use the app and staff had no problem supporting the few attendees who experienced issues with the app.

Charlotte Thygesen Poulsen, associate Vice President at IDC, says “We have tried many event management software and apps , but Eventbuizz is the most user friendly and intuitive so far. Charlotte adds: “When the native versions become available Eventbuizz holds the promise to make events even more engaging, interactive and user friendly, and will provide us with numerous advantages and opportunities to integrate the software and the app into our work processes. This will help us keeping our users abreast with all the data and services from IDC.

Charlotte Thygsen PoulsenAssociate Vice President at IDC Nordic/EMEA.
“Our entire organizing team enjoyed the flexibility”

Nordea Markets is the capital markets operator and investment banking partner of Nordea, the largest financial services group in Northern Europe. As event manager in the Copenhagen office, Janne manages well over 100 meetings and events per year for clients and employees. Janne became acquainted with Eventbuizz as she were preparing a two-day Nordic strategy seminar for some 150 colleagues in Stockholm in June 2013. Janne says:

“We decided on Eventbuizz only weeks before the event and we had to ask ABOUT Mobile to develop a number of new features and interfaces to integrate with Nordea’s set-up. Thanks to the supportive attitude and hard work of the Eventbuizz team we managed to get everything ready in time for the seminar. Both before and during the seminar, our entire organizing team enjoyed the flexibility and user friendliness of the system, and we have received nothing but positive feedback from participants and management on the mobile features of the Eventbuizz app.”

Janne Salling SöderbergEvent Manager, Nordea Markets.
Djøf and Eventbuizz set sail for a new world

The theme of Djøf’s New Year’s Reception was how to navigate in a transitional world following the new economic order after the financial crisis. The reception is the most important and prestigious annual event for the association of lawyers and masters of economics, political and social science.It was held at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s prestigious Concert Hall with all event relevant information and tools gathered in Eventbuizz.

Djøf challenges conventional thinking and operates in a new reality with many opportunities and pitfalls. The Reception engaged the guests by asking them interesting questions, letting them provide answers and feedback using all the tools in Eventbuizz; surveys, voting, dialog, social networking and of course lots of valuable knowledge. All features accessible on the 1,200 participants’ smartphones or tablets.

By partnering with Eventbuizz, Djøf ”walked the walk” in terms of showing their members new innovative ways of engagement. They took a leap of faith and weren’t disappointed as Eventbuizz delivered.

Carsten Nielsen, Chief Consultant, Djøf Network says : – “ We had some challenges with the network at the venue, which made carrying out the survey through the app somewhat tricky – but this doesn’t change the fact that the app was solid and contributed to visualize and create awareness around the Djøf event.”

“We would like to thank you for your great engagement and responsiveness and not at least for your helpfulness in getting the app ready for the Reception. The service that you deliver is unmatched in this industry and many IT departments have a lot to learn from you.”

Carsten NielsenChief Consultant, Djøf Network.