The Event Centre – Your own personal Dashboard

Easy customizing

As any event moves from concept to planning to implementation, the priorities of event management evolve and focus shifts. The Event Centre is with you through the entire process. It’s your dashboard enabling you to customize your app any way you see fit, keeping the dialog with your users fresh, while keeping a close eye on how your event progresses. Multi-tasking, administering several events at once? Event Centre lets you manage separate events through the same Eventbuizz account.

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Preview all your content

You access the Event Centre through your desk- or laptop, allowing you to easily create a customized app with your own recognizable brand and event name. Doing this is a snap: Simply upload graphics, logo, and content, add an Excel spreadsheet with contact info, and start inviting all stake holders to download the app.

Before you do this, you can preview all content in the Event Centre, that automatically generates a QR code and a URL.

You are in control

The Event Centre also works as the Centre of Command during the event. If there’s a last minute change in the speaker lineup, a meeting is moved to another room, or something else unforeseen happens, you make sure everybody knows instantly. You do this by sending out push notifications appearing as text messages or emails. In individual notifications or as blanket alerts. You can also schedule updates to go out at certain times, making attendees aware of upcoming sessions, etc.

The Event Centre lets you set up a virtual Info Booth. Here, you can share all practical information – from maps to weather forecasts to dinner seating plans. You can also create meeting points for match making, enabling attendees to meet each other face to face.

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A better event through effective dialogue

Once a session is under way and a speaker wants to ask the audience what they think about a certain topic, Event Centre lets you instantly ask the audience through polls appearing on their phones or tablets. Results will be projected i.e. as pie charts and bar charts on a screen visible to all and can be exported and sent to all attendees afterwards.

In similar way, the Event Centre facilitates Q&A sessions, sourcing questions from the audience, sending these to a moderator who determines which questions to ask the speaker. Questions can be sent anonymously or with name and company info attached.

Through the entire event cycle, the Event Centre is your feedback tool, allowing you to ask attendees how they really feel about a session, speaker or the event itself. Their evaluations will be a powerful tool in planning future events. The findings are presented in easy to use formats (.png, .jpg, .pdf and .ai) that you can export directly from the Event Centre.

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Go green with the document library

Event Centre handles the sign-up process and lets you track who has signed up, while also enabling you to send out reminders. Include comprehensive sign-ups for separate activities such as dinner and hotel reservations, sight-seeing tours, social mixers, etc.

You upload all relevant event documents to the Document library making your event go both lean and green while attendees avoid hauling kilos of material around. Allow speakers, sponsors and exhibitors to upload their own material here as well – your life easier while enabling their active participation.