After the event

An analyst

Eventbuizz isn’t over after the curtain falls. This is when crucial evaluation takes place. What did attendees actually learn – and are they able to retain and use these insights going forward?  How did the speakers perform? How could the event have been even better? Send questionnaires, multiple choice tests or customized forms to attendees for feedback. Through the app, participants fill out and return these, hereby providing a much clearer picture of concrete outcome.

You present all the findings in presentable formats (.png, .jpg, .pdf and .ai) exported directly from the Event Centre. Google Analytics will let you know how the users engaged with the app, enabling you to make your next Eventbuizz app experience even greater than the first one.

A constant engager

My Events, available with the Enterprise version, gives an overall view of previous events, encouraging year-round engagement. All info, from the agenda and surveys to the discussions and groups participated in are still accessible here. This makes it easy to refresh knowledge and input while keeping tab of the contacts for later interaction. For users participating in a series of events or training seminars, My Events will optimise learning and make sure the lessons learned are always handy. In conducting a training seminar, the responsible HR staff can always monitor user engagement and easily export and present the employee outcome of such seminars.